Tendam Prevails in Challenge to Deny Him Ballot Access

For immediate release
December 16, 2016
Media Contact: Eric Palmer eric@marktendam.net

On Friday, December 16, Evanston Alderman Mark Tendam (6th Ward) prevailed in a challenge by an Evanston resident which would have denied him ballot access by attempting to have him removed based on alleged inaccuracies in his nominating petitions.

“Today’s Electoral Board’s decision in my favor will ensure that I will be a candidate for Mayor of the City of Evanston in 2017,” said Alderman Tendam.

On Monday, December 12, a challenge was made to the properly-filed petitions requesting that Evanston mayoral candidate Mark Tendam be placed on the ballot for the February 28, 2017 Consolidated Primary Election and/or the April 4, 2017 Consolidated Election in the City of Evanston, Illinois.

Following two hearings, Tendam’s petitions were found to be in perfect order by the Municipal Officers Electoral Board. The board consisted of  Evanston Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl, City Clerk Rodney Greene, and Alderman Ann Rainey (8th Ward).

Attorney Scott B. Erdman, representing the Objector, William Arndt, declined to take additional action in an attempt to deny Tendam’s right to appear on the ballot(s) for next year’s municipal election(s). Arndt filed objections to all but one of the candidates for Evanston mayor.

“This most recent intrusion of Chicago-style politics into our local elections is unfounded and certainly unwanted. Evanstonians hold access to the ballot and open elections for all potential candidates in high regard. I look forward to a serious and enthusiastic campaign with ALL the candidates who have petitioned to have their name on the ballots,” concluded Tendam.


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